Rates and Term​s

The rate listed here is for consulting services provided by Quality Data Consulting, LLC, directly to the client. Fees are based on the client’s specific requirements and are negotiable in certain circumstances. 

Professional Rate

  • Hourly—Starting at $150


The rate above is for work that does not require travel to the client’s site. Considerable savings can be realized by completing work remotely where possible. If the customer requests the consultant to travel, the following conditions apply:

  • Personal vehicle mileage will be billed at the current POV mileage rate as published by the GSA (gsa.gov/travel).
  • Consultant will book reasonable lodging and bill the client at cost.
  • Meals and incidental expenses will be billed at the M&IE rate for the travel destination as published by the GSA.
  • Where possible, the consultant will use travel time to complete work on behalf of the client, but downtime associated with travel to and from client sites will be billed at the lowest rate listed in the “Personal Rates” section above. 

Additional expenses, required and approved by the client, will be billed at ac tual cost.


Billing Process

Projects are invoiced every other week for ongoing projects and at the close of the project.

Terms and Late Fees

Payment for invoices are due within 30 days (NET 30) from the invoice date. Invoices not paid within 30 days are subject to a 3% monthly finance charge. Accepted payment methods are check or electronic funds transfer. 

Intellectual Property

Specific work products produced by the consultant for the client are owned by the client, though the consultant reserves the right to reuse basic designs, layouts, and portions of nonproprietary content for other clients.

Third-Party Products

Quality Data Consulting, LLC, makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding third-party software and/or hardware and/or technology used in their applications and/or systems. All third-party software, hardware and technology warranties are the direct responsibility of the respective vendor or manufacturer. The inclusion of products suggested for purchase by the consultant does not constitute a warranty regarding product performance or use. Any information regarding performance or use is only offered as suggestions based on past experience or readily available reviews.

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